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Our Open Source Projects

We maintain a number of open source projects in the quest to help deliver better, more powerful, more reliable, and less expensive solutions to our customers. We welcome code contributions, and have no intention of relicensing these projects under licenses which would allow for using the code as part of a proprietary project.

Please note that we no longer work with or support SQL-Ledger for new customers. SQL-Ledger has serious known security issues and the developer of the software has not indicated that making the software secure is a priority for him. We have thus elected to participate in the LedgerSMB project, which is based (currently) on the SQL-Ledger codebase. Those evaluating SQL-Ledger should look at LedgerSMB instead.

The LedgerSMB project is a fork of SQL-Ledger aimed at providing better security and data integrity controls, and a truly open community of developers, service providers, and support options. The software also comes with free documentation, unlike its parent project. The owner of Metatron Technology Consulting is a founding partner and core committee member of this project, and he has contributed a substantial part of the code changes.

SQL-Ledger Sales Data Report
This patch provides a simple sales data report for SQL-Ledger 2.6.7. With it, one can look up inventory which is sold within a given timeframe and pull up AR or AP invoices within that timeframe that contain that part. It has also been incorporated in LedgerSMB 1.1.x.

AutoDL 2 is a scalable transport independant automated file transfer system. It is suitable for uploading files from a staging server to every server on a production server farm, offloading log files from firewalls to a centralized location, and consolidating files before writing periodic backups to offline storage. Currently only SFTP is supported, though the plugin architecture should allow many more transports to be supported as needed. The current version is 1.0.0.

Sec-Bk is a set of simple utilities to securely back up files to a remote location, even a public storage location. The backups are compressed to require less bandwidth to transport and encrypted using public key encryption in order to secure your data. The current version is 1.0.0.

SL-POS is aims to be a rich and mature Point of Sale application for SQL-Ledger. The current release is 0.5.0. It is contributed back to the community for further development as well. The current download is tested against SQL-Ledger 2.4.12. This project has seen over 500 downloads. It has been superceded by LedgerSMB, and as of version 1.2 of that software, is included in the core distribution.

FWReport is a simple log analyzer for Linux-based firewalls (2.4 kernels and higher). It accepts logs from standard input, from a designated file, or from a default log file (/var/log/messages), so it can be used with SSH, grep, and other UNIX/Linux tools.

FWReport helps system and network administrators by providing a brief overview of the network traffic that their firewalls are logging. While it is no substitute for auditing the logs, this tool can save much time by simply flagging possible suspicious activity. Over 3600 copies of this software have been downloaded.

Forthcoming Projects
We currently have no unreleased projects under development.

SQL-Ledger is a registered trademark of DWS Systems, Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are owned by their respective owners.