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How May We Help You?

Metatron Technology Consulting offers a full set of services to help your business make the the most of the computer revolution. Whether you are implementing a new solution or need support for an existing one, we are here to help.

This section details our business to business services. If you are looking for consumer services, you may want to read our Consumer Services Page.

Our business is a leading provider of several types of open source services, including modifications to LedgerSMB and the development of businesses applications and networks based on open source infrastructure.

Finally, our business is based on the principle of putting the customer in control. All packages can be modified to meet special needs by any of our customers, and any services not listed here may be available. Please contact us if you would like us to put together a custom package for you.

Consulting Services

We offer hourly consulting services at competitive rates. These services are aimed at infrequent support incidents, solution implementation, or security analysis.

These hours are available prepaid at a discount.

Examples of consulting services might include:

  • Implementation of a new firewall/VPN solution
  • Development of a new software tool to solve a current business need
  • Migration of NT4 file and print servers to Linux and Samba to ensure continued support
  • Impliment a 25-user telephone switch.
  • Introduction of Linux-based workstations
  • Development of an On-line Marketing Plan

Subscription Services

Need help administering or maintaining your company's IT infrastructure? We offer a number of types of support subscriptions which allow you to rest assured that your systems will continue to operate properly with minimal downtime and cost. These include:

  • Basic Administration Subscription: Up to one hour of remote support per month. Email notices of security vulnerabilities so we can help you keep your systems secure.
  • Data Protection Plus:All benefits of the Basic Administration Subscription. Additionally includes unlimited preventive security-related assistance, and up to 650MB (per server) of off-site backup-space for your use.
  • Service Level Agreement: Our highest level of support subscription, and designed for customers with high up-time requirements. Included services, uptime requirements, and rates are negotiated on a per-customer basis.

Web Development Services

We offer quality graphic design, web development services at our standard rate for business services. We also work with you to build web sites within your budget.

  • If your needs are simple, we can build a simple web site with few if any graphics and a simple structure.
  • For your small business, we can build a typical small business web site, with typical graphics design and some simple scripting. Typically 4-10 pages in size.
  • If you need a bit more, we can build a custom small to midsize business site, with more complex graphics and scripting. Typically, such sites include unique features. One such site is our own http://www.metatrontech.com
  • We can design complex e-Commerce sites for those with higher budgets.

More Information

For more information including rates, please see our Services Guide and other documents in our White Papers section.