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SL-POS: Open Source Retail Management

SQL-Ledger is an open source accounting program which provides many advanced features otherwise unavailable in commercial packages. Recently (in the 2.2 codebase) a point of sale interface was added, but this interface is quite imature compared to the rest of the application. In response interest from our customers, we built SL-POS, a set of retail management extensions which make SQL-Ledger a contender in the point of sale space.

SL-POS is distributed as a patch against SQL-Ledger. Versions up through 0.5.0 (download) should be compatible with SQL-Ledger 2.4.x up through 2.4.13 or so. Future versions are expected to be built on 2.4.15 at least through version 0.6.0 (upcoming). It takes some technical expertise to install, but the product is fully supported by Metatron Technology Consulting and we can provide basic assistance in the installation of the software. Installation on the base platform is available via email free of charge, and telephone or hands-on support is available for a flat rate of $75 regardless on any version of SQL-Ledger 2.4.x. Additionally we provide consulting services for this product, allowing you to further customize it or take advantage of its flexibility.

SL-POS is currently in production use in several types of retail establishments from fruit and grocery markets to music stores. The rapid pace of development and the commitment of Metatron Technology Consulting to its future makes it one of the best choices for open source retail management in the industry.

Current Features include:

  • Multiple payments for the POS invoice.
  • Pole display support
  • Queueless POS printer support
  • Cash Drawer support
  • Online till reconcilliation
  • Separate accounts per till/cash drawer.
  • Next Part Number is focused by default. This allows for barcode scanning without using keyboard or mouse between scans.
  • Accesskeys
  • Check ID flags for alcohol purchases.
  • Printer redirection to arbitrary terminals
  • Open transactions get flagged at the bottom of the screen when a new POS invoice is added.
  • Employee-based (roaming) till support (beta).

Hardware support, such as queueless printing and pole display support are handled via a set of lightweight scripts which listen on ports and redirect to appropriate hardware resources on the terminal.

What's Ahead (0.6.0)

  • Move build target to 2.4.15
  • Add ability to create purchase orders from sales history
  • Add credit card processing framework.
  • Add shared till mode without till closing screen.
  • Add inventory adjustment module.

SQL-Ledger is a registered trademark of DWS Systems, Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are owned by their respective owners.